What’s your perfect wedding gown silhouette?

Your wedding day! The day you’ve been dreaming of since you started playing with dolls and watching on TV how beautiful brides looked and the many times you were a flower girl and noticed how the bride got all the attention the whole day!
Of course you want to look your best on this day as it is your day! But how do you achieve this? It is very simple. Your wedding gown can either ruin it or make it for you…so choosing the perfect silhouette (of course this is dependent on your body type-you know best!) will definitely make you the belle of the ball like you should be.

The different types of silhouettes
Ps: The term Silhouette simply implies the outline of a form.

A-Line – This is a silhouette, usually of a one-piece garment, flaring gently at the waist or hips, thus resembling the letter A.

Empire silhouette

Empire — This was a popular silhouette in the early 1800s, the cut features a waistline just below the bust and a skirt that flows down all the way down.

The mermaid silhouette

Mermaid — This is a voluptuous silhouette that follows the figure down to the knee before flaring out dramatically. It is mainly for the petite figures with less junk in the trunk and no tummy bulge.

A mixture of silhouettes

H-Line – This is a silhouette, usually of a one-piece garment, going straight from shoulder to hip, and crossed at the waist with a belt, cuff or other accent, thus resembling the letter ‘H.’

Basque waist — This silhouette is defined by its natural waistline that angles down into a V and accompanies a flared skirt.

Princess — This silhouette is quite similar to the A-line, It is fitted at top and follows clean lines as it flares out through the skirt.

Sheath — This silhouette flows straight down from the neckline, thus gently hugging YOUR form.

Ball gown Mostly favored among the royalty as it was made popular by Queen Victoria, who wore a ball gown silhouette for her wedding. It has a fitted bodice and voluminous skirt often made of tulle fabric.

Ballerina— This silhouette is inspired by classical ballet and it flows straight down from the neckline, and features a voluminous skirt that falls to the mid-calf.

Spotlight stealer, stunning, elegant, gorgeous, stylish, graceful goddess are just some the words you want to hear people describe you as the bride that was for as long as they will remember. So when it comes to choosing your wedding gown, don’t settle until you get the perfect one! Even if it will mean importing it or going to shop for one where you know you’ll get exactly what you have always envisioned yourself wearing as “that gorgeous bride”. If it means resizing the perfect gown to fit your silhouette…do it! Happy wedding 🙂

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