10 rules on what NOT to do on the first date! Ladies…

Ahhhh…first dates! I bet each and every one of us has been through these. They can be disastrous or they can be the best thing to ever come by.
As we know, times have changed and unlike our folks’ times, things have changed too-Places to hangout, things to do etc. In fact come to think of it, everything has changed apart from maybe the fact that a date has to include two people with potential?

The first date is where you either pass or fail the “compatible character” test. Like it or not but you will be judged for the person you are…based on the first date! So, as a lady there are some things that you shouldn’t do on the first date! And especially if you like what you see and you would like to get a second date 😉 .

Rule #1. Don’t bring your friends along

Who brings friends along on the first date? If you are afraid that the person you are meeting for the first time is a creep then why meet him at all in the first place?
Everyone behaves differently when they are with people they are used to having around and that’s not the person you want to show your date the first time you meet even if you are “yourself” when hanging out with your friends. Chances are also that your date will definitely feel offended for a number of reasons or feel left out and of course when that happens…even if you liked him, chances are that he will not call you again.

Rule #2. Don’t be late!

If your date is not picking you up from your house then by no means should you be late for your first date. Lateness shows that you are bad with keeping time and you can’t be relied on. If you know that you are running late and the circumstances of your lateness are unavoidable then keep your date updated on and in the loop and let him know of the progress you’re making to get to him. That will make him feel at ease and like you care because like everybody else, he also has other things to do and you could be wasting his precious time.

Rule #3 Don’t forget your table etiquette

Who wants to be with a clumsy person who keeps dropping her knives, spoons and folks and drawing everyone’s unwelcome attention at the restaurant because of being too nervous?
You should order only what you are comfortable and familiar with.
Also when planning the date, in case you’re not familiar with the restaurant or the type of cuisine offered at the restaurant you have all the right to make your suggestions. Otherwise, you might just end up being the reddest faced date in the history of first dates!
Also, don’t go chewing gum uncouthly, or talk with your mouth full or scratch your head at the table. Gross!

Rule #4 Don’t show attitude and don’t bitch about people

Men just don’t like women who have a bad attitude. Women who decide that waiters and waitresses are not human beings hence treat them so badly. Men also don’t like nags and women who bitch about other people. Unfortunately there are women who are built like that with ugly personalities, but the first date is not the place to unleash your ugliness.

Rule #5 Don’t forget wardrobe etiquette

It is just a rule that you shouldn’t go overboard when dressing up for your first date. And when dressing up for this particular date you should keep a lot of things in mind. Of course you aim to impress your date but keep things close to “your usual”. Wear clothes and accessories that are within your style and taste. Don’t try too hard such that that is the time you want to rock your first pair of stilettos when you are a flats person. Or that’s when you decide to expose your cleavage when you are usually a very reserved person. You will just end up looking wrong, feeling wrong and uncomfortable throughout. On that first date, be yourself.
Don’t wear too much make-up (this is a turn off for most men BTW) and Don’t rock chipped nail polish. Look as polished as possible while being yourself.

Rule #6 Don’t be on your phone constantly

Being on your phone throughout a date just means that you are either as nervous as hell or you are minus confidence. You can’t be on a date alone hence, you have to give your date your undivided attention unless you have to take a really urgent call that is a matter of life and death. Anything else can wait. A date is not the time to check your Facebook or Twitter pages or whatever other social media you are on even when there’s that bit of awkward silence. Keep eye contact and be creative on how to deal with that awkward silence but stay away from your phone!

Rule #7 Don’t take photos of everything for uploading on social media purposes

Besides looking odd as you take photos of the food and drinks and the guy you are with for Twitter purposes you also exude some level of uncouthness and you will creep your date out!
These things you will do much much much later…when you get comfortable with each other or when you’ve sealed the deal and have both made it clear to him that thats the kind of person you are.

Rule #8 Don’t get drunk or too tipsy

Of course your judgment will be impaired when there’s booze (panty Remover) in the system. Hence to avoid looking all ridiculous (as it is just normal that some people become somebody else when they drink) and just risk showing that side of you that is not supposed to be revealed until much later. If wine is involved, drinking in moderation and knowing your limit might just help you not be dismissed too soon.

Rule # 9 Don’t give it all up

Truth is, men also like to work hard for something that will be worth it to them later! So when you give it up on the first date it will look more like a one night stand and he will be likely to bail afterwards. Depending on what he was looking for when he asked you out on that date, giving it all up on the first date will mean that you will have made work so much easier for him to make up his mind about you. You sure don’t want to get your feelings all hurt by him bailing out on you never to be heard from again, now do you? Plus you will have killed the mystery!

Rule #10

I will leave this blank, so that I can also learn something from you. So…do sound off in the comments space below about Rule #10! ….

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