The tom boy chic

So you are a girl and you are not into fancy skirts and trendy dresses and cute tie neck blouses. Those things do absolutely nothing for you and anytime you had to wear a dress as a little girl you would wish you’d just keel over and die! You would have the worst time ever!
Your ideal outfits would consist of baggy distressed jeans, tees, caps, wife beaters and boyfriend jackets! And given the chance you’d wear jeans on your wedding day.
Anytime you think of heels you almost suffer a heart attack! In fact you think anyone who wears heels doesn’t like herself as that is the most torturous thing ever.

A tom boy is a girl who dresses and sometimes behaves like a boy and is often into masculine stuff.
There are those who have made tom boy look ever so chic. First we saw it with Aaliyah with her sagged jeans and designer boy boxers peeping at the low waistline of the jeans, a checked shirt unbuttoned all the way layered over a tee tank exposing a flat stomach,cute boots and well done hair and make up. Raggedy rough tom boy on the edges with a touch of feminine bits.

Of course tom boy has been upgraded and has now been made chic but this suits the younger ladies more… like the rapper Lil’ mama. She wears it well and owns her look.

What you need for your tom boy chic wardrobe:
*Trendy baggy tops
*Wife beaters
*Sneakers or brogues
*Baggy girl pants
*Trendy Shirts for tucking in or for layering
*Boyfriend blazers/ jean jackets
*Belts and even bandannas

The secrets to pulling off the tom boy chic is adding a pop of color to your look at all time. Include bright trendy colors (keep with the times and get the colors that are in vogue). Do stock up on the pinks, purples, mustards, reds etc and don’t forget to throw on some stylish jewelry and other accessories. In short keep it bright and stylish.

“Girlify” your look a bit by wearing some make-up à la Lil’ mama and because you are a girl , ensure that your hair looks good and is styled properly (your hair adds to your female identity).
Just because you are a tom boy, doesn’t mean you have to look all frumpy and like you grew up as the only girl among 5 brothers. You can look chic too 😉

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