I think my sister is a sl*t!

I have a problem with my sister, and it is not the “she-borrowed-my-new-cashmere-sweater-that-I’ve-never-worn-and-ruined-it! I’m-gonna-kill-her-when-she-gets-home!” kind of problem. I wish that was it though. It is bigger than that! I think my sister is a prostitute!

Once I met my sister in the club with a bunch of her “friends” wearing almost nothing but the love of god. If you saw her, you would’ve lent her your jacket asap without thinking twice! She was sloshed beyond and was staggering all over the place and slurred all her words. Sitting at her table were foreign men who looked like they had money to spend on booze and a dingy lodging later. In my head I was thinking “hmm…this is my sister and she is looking so bad and these guys are definitely out to take advantage of her then leave her high and dry.” I tried to convince her to leave with me but she would hear none of it and since I’m not a drama mama I respected her wishes and just left her alone.

Here’s a brief trip back memory lane <<<< My sister is my only sibling and she is three years older than me. We had a normal upbringing and our parents gave us a normal life and provided us with everything we needed in life.
We were practically raised as twins and have always shared the same interests which made us thick as thieves…but somewhere along the way something went amiss!
See, our parents always taught us to be independent ladies and great role models they have been to us. So it has been a family tradition that once one clocks 19 they have to move out of home. School fees is taken care of by the folks but everything else becomes your responsibility.

My sister is a go-getter, so after High School she immediately got a job as a supervisor at some huge chain store. At some point though, my sister made some bad choices and made some bad friends! The kind that take short-cuts in life. The kind that party from Monday to Monday and depend on old married rich men to take care of them as they give them small/huge favors!

Fast forward to the present times >>>> I had noticed at some point that my sister stopped inviting me to her place as I gather her house has changed and now she has a well furnished house- with the most expensive things money can buy thanks to her night job.

I think my sister also realized that the short-cut was the easiest way to go. The easiest way to get easy money and lose your dignity. Have I mentioned that she buys me expensive gifts and I’m not supposed to question where she got the money from?

I recently threatened to tell the folks about what she does because they are just going to find out from other sources anyway, and when that happens things will get really ugly. She denies that she is into prostitution and calls me harsh and a bad sister whenever I try to talk to her.

One of her good friends once told me that she cries herself to sleep every night and sometimes sleeps with the lights on as the dark reminds her of her night life. Whenever I talk to her, she just cries and tells me that I wouldn’t understand.

I care about her deeply, and I don’t want her to waste and ruin her life! Bad diseases do happen to good people you know? And after all, she is my only sister!
I am in my final year in college and I have other things to worry about but now a lot of my worry space has to include her!
What should I do? I feel like it is upto me to get her back on the straight path. Help?

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