Sauti Academy stages 2nd Live & Loud concert

Part two of the LIVE and LOUD affair will be held at the Michael Joseph centre this weekend, with five artists lined up from the Sauti Academy, all graduated and ready to launch their solo careers.


– Lele’s little rebel Wangui playfully maneuvers through her songs with a sparkly performance.


– Delaney is a gentle crooner who uses his artistic freedom to perform melancholic, piano based Rock ballads.


– With his smooth, mellow vocals, Jarel will tell stories of contemporary Nairobi.


– Govoi’s acoustic Hip Hop / Roots-Reggae music will transport you straight to his mtaa, Kangemi.


– And bubbly doctor to be Cynthia fuses science and music in her life. Her music is medicine to the soul and will leave the audience in bliss.


The first part of the concert took place last Saturday May 12, where Prisca, Meryl, Dempsey and Worbenda took to the stage, performing before an audience of over 200 music enthusiasts.

Dempsey is Penya Africa’s latest signing. On that night, the self-taught guitarist sang and played along his bass guitarist and percussionist. Among the best of his acoustic performances was his latest song ‘Broken Rainbows’ that he went on to mix with a rendition of Elaine’s ‘Nothing or all’ from the Bubble gum riddim.


Backed by a live band and seven soulful back ground vocalists, Meryl performance was a true show of her stage persona – a shy girl turned diva. Performing among her own compositions was an acappella rendition of India Arie’s ‘Purify me’.


Longtime friends and graduates Wordbenda and Prisca in matching red coloured outfits were the winning duet of the night. Bringing forth unique vocals and musical styles, when Prisca wasn’t playing the piano in the midst of the band, she was gracefully hitting high notes alongside Wordbenda’s smooth rap.


Among the guests at the event was renowned Tusker Project Fame Judge Ian Mbugua. Unwillingly stepping on stage after being called upon by the Mcee, he ended up dishing a few words of advice to the new artists.


“I am quite impressed by tonight’s performances but there is still a lot out there for you to learn. Most of our ‘so-called’ celebrities are one hit wonders! To take on the industry, you must never relax thinking you are the best, instead keep working hard! And now you know that Penya Africa is the record label to join,” said Ian.

Sauti Academy is a branch of the Penya Africa recording label, responsible for musicians like Sauti Sol, Muthoni, Dela, and Stan. The Academy is run by Penya’s director and head music teacher Natalie Lukkenaer. The artist development program lasts a year. All artists who pass through the program have the required vocal training and performance skills and are expected to carry on Penya Africa’s vision in East Africa– to build a sustainable and competent, globally recognized East African organization that will inspire and develop innovative musicians to be influential agents of change both locally and internationally.


Tickets to the show are Sh400 a piece at the gate.


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