New fashion craze: The Ankara print

Are you in the bold fashionable lot such that prints -African prints at that- are your most favorite thing? If so then I’m sure your wardrobe already brags an Ankara print garment or two.

The Ankara trend has been embraced the world over and is so in vogue right now such that it is not an African only thing anymore!! Some have even called it the “Ankara invasion”.

Lovely Ankara print dresses

The Ankara print is one of the top fabrics to watch out for and to some it is a wardrobe staple already.
Gone are the days when the Ankara print fabrics were reserved for making garments worn only for ceremonial purposes. I mean now you can get almost anything in Ankara print as they now have a modern touch to them. From shoes, accessories such as scarves, clutch bags, belts, hair accessories etc, dresses, bags, shorts, blazers, trousers, jumpsuits…you name it! And the best part is that you can get these locally from designers who can even customize whatever you want to suit your exact taste and style.

The Ankara print is an African thing, so to show love for our continent, investing in one item at least will be ideal.
Nicki Minaj , Lady Gaga, Solange, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna , Anna Wintour, Nicole Ari Parker… are just a few of the American celebrities who have embraced the Ankara swag trend. And the way things are looking…this is just the beginning.

A few of those who appreciate Ankara
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