TZ chucked from BBA, as Manetta moves to Upville

Tanzanians Julio and Hilda and Zimbabwean ‘Queen of Zamunda’ Teclar were chucked out of the Big Brother Stargame Sunday night as the very good looking Manetta was made a surprise guest in Upville.

The trio was tongue-tied at having been told to go home after watching fellow ‘evictee’ Manetta make her way into the Celeb Stargame House.

It was a short seven-day ride for the three, who barely had time to show their true selves to the African audience before they were given the boot. Former Downville Housemates were both stunned and sad to let them go; South Africa’s Lee joking that now they would have more food.

A teary Hilda waved the Tanzanian flag as she walked down the stairs, while Julio and Teclar were clearly disappointed. The question begged an answer, how were the evictions done Biggie?

Manetta meanwhile was the one being asked the questions in Upville. The guys, Prezzo, Roki and DKB and the strange Lady may were happy to see her. Her presence may not sit well with the ladies though, but that remains to be seen. No romances have formed, but Roki has declared his attraction for Lady May, Ghana’s DKB seems to be pulling the moves on Barbz, while Prezzo and Nigerian Goldie seem to be hitting it off smartly.

Mampi of Upville is not an odd one out as she seems to see a friend in Prezzo; whose ‘hate’ relationship with Barbz is also raising eyebrows. Manetta’s arrival may well tip the scales this week.

Back at the Downville House newcomers Liberia (Yadel and Luke) and Sierra Leone (Zainab and Dalphine) are both up for eviction after a random nomination process. The foursome is not very hopeful of staying in the House after Sunday night’s evictions spared no one.

Liberia’s Yadel sought brief solace from Kenya’s Alex, whom she has taken a liking to. Downville will be looking for a new head of house as well, with Hilda’s exit. With Tanzania out, will Kenya rely on one country vote there?

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