Your lips, your trademark!

Your lips, your eyes, your nose (not in that particular order) are the most prominent features on anybody’s face and those are what one will keep looking at when talking to you.

Although nowadays money can buy you even a set of new lips, it is sort of hard to change your God given natural features. And since we already have them on us, the only thing we can do is to make them pop out in a beautiful way because we appreciate having them, by wearing a little bit of make-up.

There are people who just don’t give a hoot about their looks hence they neglect even their face and especially their lips!The lips are a very crucial feature on the face. In order to make out clearly what somebody is saying you will always look at their lips! Hence,dry busted lips won’t give you the full attention as the person talking to you will just be turned off. People like looking at beautiful well taken care of lips you know?

When it comes to making your lips stand out as a beautiful feature on your face, you can either gloss them, balm them or apply lipstick on them! Anything but neglect them.

Depending on your preferred colors,flavors and the size of your lips you can choose either one or all lip-popping tricks.

Lip Balm: These give you a natural look and just work to give your lips some needed moisture. Vaseline and petroleum jelly’s can also fall in this moisturizing category. Most of them have protective properties that actually help give your lips a break from the harsh weather conditions. Nowadays you will find flavored and colored ones as well to suit your taste.

Lip Gloss: These are super shiny and give your lips a glow. There are different types of glosses depending on the base used to make them. There are those really thick, sticky ones with a heavy base that can almost glue your lips together and those that are more water based that are quite bearable but don’t last long on the lips. You have to keep on re-applying. Most of the thick based lip glosses are used in photo shoots to make the lips or the base lip color pop out. There are also those with a little extra something like glitter or actual fruit flavor and fragrance. They come in a very wide variety.

Lipstick: These have been around since forever! They keep making new ones with a little added something here and there trying to make them better and better. There are endless shades of lipstick and these I believe are only for the bold! Lipstick can be a bit too much for some people, so only those who know and love to wear them should do so. Not amateurs! Lipstick should be worn with swag and confidence.
For best results lipstick is best worn on top of a base (lip balm) and for a full pop of color, some gloss will come in handy.
Lipsticks can help you pull a few beauty tricks, whether you want to create a fuller or a slimmer pout…lipstick will help you achieve it! It should be applied with expertise and within the lip line (in which case if you don’t you might just end up looking like a clown).

Lips are very sensitive and so they need extra care. They need to look good and even kissable at all times and at the same time they should hold some mystery.They tend to get affected by weather conditions and lack of proper nutrition or moisture. Do take care of your lips. They are your “eye catcher”.

Your lips are yours, so do whatever you want to do with them just as long as you take care of them and don’t come out looking like a joke or malnourished

Below are images of Rihanna wearing different lip colors:

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