In order to grow your relationship, Communicate!

(THITU KARIBA) – To begin a relationship of any kind we have to communicate. We relate through communication. Communication lets you know in on things, it provides you with information, knowledge and with that, you can then know how to apply what you know to get what you want. In a way courting is just that, getting information, and then applying that information to get the object of your affection. Communication is there for the passing on of information and the receiving of information, but it does not end there, this information has to be understood by the recipient and feedback must be giving to the sender of the information.


If the two of you do not understand each other then you are not communicating. Many times this is just what the problem is in relationships be it with friends or more. The messages are not being clearly understood.  I mean how many times have we heard someone state that what one was getting is not what they meant to say, or that it came out wrong? Yes, breakdown in communication can leave your relationship on shaky ground.


One of the key communication skills that we too often over look, is that of listening.  We have senses that help us to do that, the tongue tastes and tell us the flavor of things, the ear hears and we get to know what someone is saying and the tone too.  The eyes allow as to read written messages and also body language and other non verbal messages like colors, the nose tells us one scents from another, and there is more, our spirit, we can use our spirit to listen, discern as see beyond what others can’t. We get stirred up inside and just know something is wrong, or that someone is hurting. If we can put all these skills to work to listen, to our loved ones, our relationships would be transformed.


There are things that can hinder us from listening and this is considered as noise. Anything that prevents a message from being transmitted is understood as noise. This can come in the form of stress, anger, pain, weariness and more. For you to communicate effectively you have to listen well and to do that there cannot be any noise. So ladies let him wind down after work before you need to have a talk, men let her just put the kids to bed, or clean the dishes or finish cooking before you need to share about the great day you had at work.


It sounds easy but it does take work, work that is well worth it because as I mention it will revolutionize your relationship.


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