Muhibbah at Sankara embraces Asian fusion

Asian fusion cuisine isn’t a new concept anymore in the world, but it is in Nairobi where palates are only enjoying the numerous Asian restaurants sprouting up all over the city – namely, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.


At Muhibbah at the sleek hotel, Sankara Nairobi, the vibrant flavours and rich culinary heritage of South East Asia are all infused in an East-East menu, representing the evolving Asian fusion cuisine. Muhibbah’s menu represents the emerging identity of all of us as global citizens, whom palates are no longer only defined by merely where our ancestors are from, but instead from the diverse experiences and places we encounter – removing cultural barriers and encouraging open-minds to embrace the best of what Asian cuisine has to offer.


From Thailand to Hong Kong to Vietnam to Malaysia, the nearly fifty-item menu proved difficult to choose only one or two items to try. The huge menu on a playful clipboard had boxes for you to easily check-off selections and offers something for everyone who has a taste for the Orient.


Muhibbah is situated in a discreet and small corner of the hotel with it’s tastefully sleek and contemporary décor making up for the lack of space. The airy space has high ceilings accompanied by a focal glossy auburn-coloured wall that reflects a warm glow back into the dining space. The open-concept kitchen allowed the fragrant aromas spread into the dining room and the methodical sounds of woks hard at work enticed hungry diners.


The staff were extremely friendly, competent and very helpful. Our service wasn’t the fastest in Nairobi (nearly 30 minutes before our starters came to the table), but the staffs’ lovely presence made that more bearable.


The foodies in Nairobi are a tough crowd, very knowledgeable and hard to please. But for those that are looking for a diverse selection of Asian cuisine and a little bit of authenticity, like Singapore Noodles, Muhibbah may just be the right choice.


Singapore Noodles

Though these delicious fried vermicielli noodles bears Singapore’s name, it’s actually more of a favourite in Cantonese-speaking regions. So what makes this vibrant stir-fry different from the countless other noodle dishes? The curry powder.


Instead of starting the dish with curry paste or cooking the curry powder for an extended period of time, Singapore noodles calls for frying the curry powder together with minced garlic for only 20-30 seconds before adding the rest of the colourful ingredients, resulting in that distinctive dried, charred and spicy flavour that coats every strand of noodle.


The distinctive flavour isn’t for everyone, but Muhibbah’s version is as close as you can get to the Hong Kong-favourite in Nairobi – definitely worth a try if you’re feeing adventurous!


For location details, prices, and how you can book online – make sure you check out Eat Out Kenya! Check it out now!



Fried stuffed chicken wings filled with glass noodles and minced chicken

Glass noodle salad with mushroom, peanuts, onions, tomatoes and coriander with a chili lime dressing

Roasted duck curry with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, grapes and basil

Lemongrass creme brule with giant almond tuille


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