Man uses juju to catch cheating wife?


A man got stuck “inside” a woman while doing the deed somewhere in a guest house in Meru. Apparently, he was “juju’d” by the woman’s husband who had suspected that his wife was cheating.
After being stuck for quite some time… with just a touch from the husband (the said juju man) they got free. It is said that the “stuck man” offered some amount of money if only he could be let free and that’s when the juju man decided to set them free.

Some people have referred to the saga as “kwamasutra” ! That must have been super embarrassing for the two cheats thinks the Capital Lifestyle crew. If you are a cheat then beware!

Watch the “kwamasutra” video on YOUTUBE.



  • it was in Meru though not Nairobi

  • Nix

    madness, kuvuna mahali hujalima

  • Maingi Stephen

    am gonna b a juju guy 2

  • nelson

    mamba mbaya!

  • Nellly Nell

    dunia inaisha bana!

  • But ukitumia anointing oil badala ya k-y jelly hata umange bibi ya mganga huwezi kwama.

    • Jramah

       budaa, jaribu

    • Please show some respect.

    • Arnold

       Dan, very sad to use such statement on such matters – you should have some respect for GOD and issues touching on GOD. This is a very sad clip (and I feel it for the two), but worse still, I can imagine the husband to the lady who is coverinig her face! Sad in deed. GOD HAVE MERCY. We are not holier anyhow! Just that we dont get caught in our ‘dirt acts’. We do more evil and only cause GODS GRACE is sufficient enough for us all.

    • mtetezi


  • Nell Nell

    damn crazy world we living in

  • shyieeet

  • Daodao

    haaaaa reminds me of stick like glue by sean paul

  • Kazi hiyo ya kukwama iendelee ndio wale wanaofikiri bibi za watu wako tamu wakome. 

  • kazi hiyo ya kukwama kwa tube iendelee ndio wale wanapenda vya watu wakome,na mabibi za watu walio na tamaa pia wakome.

  • Teiydiz

    only in Kenya hehe

  • Boiyot

    Nimekoma hio maneno…quite embarassing!!!Imagine the whole village wako tu hapo nje na wewe umekwama pare-pare…..

  • That’s really sad. But the Almighty God still loves them no matter what they have done.

  • Mkenya

    Ngai fafa….kumbe ni kweli?

  • guest

    It is very sad that no one considered their privacy. Ethical issues

  • Dee

    Thot it only happened in Nigeria……lol!!!

  • Wmonicah47

    kila kitu ukiona unataka kila manze unataka chunga jo utajipata pabaya kuliko huyo

  • Wmonicah47

    wawawa noma ukiona ya jirani kimbia na usuangalie nyuma

  • Godfrey

    Mamamaamamamamaaaa!!!!!! Hmmnnn! siwesi jaribu tena…..

  • Izzo

    I think the hubby to the cheating wife probably chopped off the glans of that dude coz the way he looked shocked after being released is just funny! The govt should legalize use of juju to protect marriages only…that’s my take.

    • Tyson Kiarie

      Ati the govy should legalize use of juju to protect marriages? are u sane my guy? The govt should consider legalizing use of marijuana as a social snack and NEVER to gay rights or your juju claims..

      • Liza

        Shindwe! shindwe! shindwe kabisa

    • Char

      @6d48507749e164e7d707045341ea1592:disqus you are crazy, the gov’t shouldn’t legalize the use of juju, if you don’t satisfy your husband or wife the you shouldn’t blame him/her for cheating. again this are grown ups they know what they were doing, its even a shame that it was recorded, i consider the guys who were watching, the policemen and the guys recording as perverts .

    • Liza

      Just do your duty properly and satisfy your partner so that she is not tempted

  • David Kimani

    OK,This is not good habit although thieves is for forty days.

  • The  kenya Police are doing a shoddy job…. they have the duty to protect the privacy of the involved individuals whether cheating or not. Both individuals in the act are grown up so they have choice to do whatever they want – whether married or not? 

  • Guest

    This is super embarassing! Shocked that CFM-L uploaded it.

  • Mary

    need the number of the juju man 

  • Preets98

    Huyo manzi hasaau man. Pole daddy.

  • mtetezi

    When every 26 year old wants to live in Runda… The ones who already live there are committing suicide. Life will never stop to amaze me. Hii maisha hutaka nini??? Anyhow…. Pole Waziri……

  • mtetezi

    Cant you see the hubby to this mama is in business… 20K pap!

  • Danieljuma

    Wacheni Mpango wa kando!!!!!!

  • our admin police need proper training on how to handle such crisis.  As per the video – Imagine admin police had the courtesy to great the traumatized dude – ati habari yako kijana? iko taabu gani tukusaidie?  This is NOT the way to handle such a crisis..?  The area was not secured for privacy and safety of the couple.  …Its sad to see how our security personnel miss-handle issues.

  • John

    Next time you the doggy style! You will never get it wrong! Nice video capital, 

  • jerehs

    fara yeye. labda alikuwa amezoea vya bwerere.

  • Alosa Owino

    Temptations are there, if we can’t do zero grazing let’s have the 2nd one and let it be officially. The spirit is willing but the body is weak, nobody is perfect even the angles were not.The police should also protect the culprits from the public so as to protect the privacy of individual.

  • Airmastercool

    For sure how can trained officers do that.This is disrespect to human dignity. after all two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Gitaujimmie


  • 21st_century_Kenyan

    If there is something this country needs more desperately than food, it is information. Google this word “Vaginismus” and get your brain out of the dark ages.

  • if this fellows were stuck walifungua mulango aje?

  • Esssywilly

    its discouraging   spread of many diseses and cheating in the family.interesting

  • I don´t believe in Juju thing.

  • Elletee

    Well isn’t it amazing that people who supposed to be” in a relationship” by method of “Facebook”, often times find themselves screwing other people regardless of status. So, people, a cheat is a cheat regardless of their status, ring, or beliefs.  One has to be true to themselves, decide if they are willing to deal with the consequences because every action has a equal or opposite reaction!  What goes around comes around – seemingly, faster than we think. –Elletee

  • Demla

    Its sad and just ridiculous that police handled the matter like they have never gone to school. People cheat everyday, everywhere…..why embarass the two like that? If anything, the juju man should have been arrested for putting the lives of the two in danger!   I bet the cops didnt know that the condition could have been quietly resolved by taking the two to the hospital…..

    • Smilejudo

      Ur insane, and u must be a cheater. If i was the juju man i wud definately pretend am not even aware n let them die

    • Dr Hako

      Police did the best!!!!!!!!!!! shame of those who eat other people’s things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find yours they are so many…….why not go to Campus Divas??????????????? Well done Police keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faboge

    this cant be true! Its all staged! Theres no juju that can make this happen!

  • Smilejugo

    I want to meet that juju Guy, any contacts?

  • Dorcusm06

    Good teaching to those who are unfaithful to  one another

  • Kamaamoses

    And what is wrong with this?it was a deal between two grown up.

  • Franzbell82

    mama……….,it is very shameful,mum please respect yourself, and your body is a temple of God, keep the ten commandments of God,   Mama Babo

  • Aaronmweu

    Thats a great lesson. Do u know how it feels u go looking and working hard to take  care of ua family only 4 her to engage in games.  And imagine life is so sick these days.

    • marsh

      you sound played.

  • Walterkodipo

    outrageously embarrassing

  • Walterkodipo

    a woman is too big for one man and she is like a maize cob for anyone with teeth to bite.why juju someone for sleeping with your wife as long as you did not see! The juju man ni mrogi angewekwa “tair” badala ya kuachwa aonekane shujaa!

    • marsh

      I assume your morals are twisted.

  • pierre

    No comment!


    This a very sad thing…yes it happened but many people are doing it…. what a xxx%$#@ police again this is an issue with APs who will reform this rotten force

  • elistone

    laced na supa glue beware usikwame 1one woman 1 man is the only way to live a life of joy and no embarrasing moments

  • pusi

    Am not surprised it happened in Voi early June 2012 and it is almost normal in Ukambani especially Mwingi

  • Ian Nissi

    Kwamasutra…now that just sounds so kenyan original…..this guy should advertise his services…would be kenyas version of “Cheaters”

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  • Dr Hako

    I recommend that guy to introduce us to the one selling the juju…tutashika wengi sana!!!!!

  • I understand but hasn’t he heard of busted or why didn’t he leave her?

  • oguta

    hi hi hi hi.chuinga tamaa mbaya kweli.kudunga za wenyewe

  • liny

    i think we should all be doing this…will teach all them unfaithful people hands off!!! and finally the HIV rate will die down completely. shame on you both!!!

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