Prezzo flaunts cash at BBA celeb-mate

Bad blood is brewing between Kenyan musician Prezzo and South African socialite Barbz, who had somewhat of an altercation in Upville last night.

It was only hours after the ‘King of Bling’ raised an issue to Biggie about the South African celeb, that the two went at each other’s throats because Prezzo couldn’t keep the bile down.

Trouble started, according to the official BBA website, when Prezzo took the liberty to give Barbz the nicknames “Miss Mademoiselle” and “Tyra Banks”. The lady was not pleased by the references and told him as much and the back and forth nearly got ugly.

Goldie who went to placate Prezzo in the garden was told that the words “sorry” and “I love you” don’t come easy for him and that “if it’s $300,000 she wants, she must talk to me nicely and I’ll hook her up!.”

Barbz seems to be the only housemate rubbing Prezzo the wrong way, as he dedicated about five minutes of his session with Big Brother to confess that he feels she is intimidating the other female Upville-mates.

“The girls do all the work and Barbz just sits there looking at herself in the mirror,” he complained, adding that it was not right because ‘everybody here is the same’.

In Downville, however, the Kenyans seem to be having a good time. Brothers Alex and Malonza have both managed to kiss the same girl, Junia from Namibia. That all happened on day one. It is now Day 4 and Junia seems to have taken a liking to Nigerian giant Ola.

Do the Kenyans like Junia enough to let it get in between them? According to a friend of theirs, who spoke to Capital Lifestyle, absolutely not!

“Those two are so close. I doubt whether a woman can get in between them,” he said.

Alex (Kenya) getting to know Yadel (Liberia)
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