Men’s 10 wardrobe essentials

(BY SUNNY DOLAT) This list consists of items that EVERY man should have in his wardrobe; they’re classic pieces that will never go out of style. If you miss something in this list then you need to do something about it like last week! Yah?

Let’s get started….

1.White button-down shirt:

every man NEEDS this staple (clean and pressed) white shirt in his life! Most of us wore white shirts all the way from primary and we will probably continue to throughout our lives so better stock them up. They look classy, crisp & never go out of style!

2. Dress shirts:

Dress shirts are great for an evening party and can either be dressed up or down. They look good and they make a bold statement. There’s a wide variety of styles and patterns you can choose from, like floral, paisley, textures like silk or taffeta, colors etc so find what suits you best and rock that party!

3. V-Neck sweater:

These are the MOST fabulous sweaters ever!!!! You can wear them by themselves or you can layer them up with a polo shirt, dress shirt, blazer… as in, the options are endless! You can use them to inject colour into an outfit, you can use them to tone down an outfit, you can wear them with jeans, linen pants, cargo pants, shorts, formal pants… as in…. wow. *Sigh* V-neck sweaters are MAJOR.

NOTE: Please don’t wear baggy sweaters…please…you’ll look really bad…and fat, and no one wants that…. I think

4. Tailored Blazer/Suit:

Nothing looks better on a man than a tailored jacket!!! The best thing a man can do is get himself a tailored suit. Even if you buy a suit from a store, you should take it to the tailor to be fitted. The suit can be worn as separates. Now you know what to do…go on now…

5. Overcoat:

For those days that you need to go out and there’s some drizzle, there’s no need to put on a shady ass coat, invest in a good overcoat, it’ll keep you dry AND fly.


6. Well Fitting blue jeans:

Ok, most of you think you have these but no, you don’t… A good pair of jeans should fit well, not too baggy and not too tight, if you have to jump around a room just so that you can get into your jeans, then there’s a problem. If your jeans need to be held up by a belt, then there’s a problem also. A good pair of jeans fit well and are the right length. Avoid jeans with logos or all those ‘madoidos’ the have all over.

Pick a style that’s classy, like a straight cut jean as opposed to boot leg or skinny jean. A good pair of jeans can be dressed up by throwing on a blazer or a dress shirt and you can dress them down by wearing a polo shirt, so they’re really quite… erm … versatile

7. Cargo Pants:

These are probably THE most comfy pants ever!!! Inspired by military uniforms, cargo pants have the whole multiple pocket thing going on plus they have some extra volume around the leg area so that makes them extra comfy. Great for the outdoors.

8.  Linen:

No man’s wardrobe is complete without a linen item, be it a shirt, slack or even a suit. Linen is a great summer fabric coz it’s so light and airy. It does however crease like crazy but that’s the beauty of linen picture yourself laying along the shores somewhere in the Caribbean, sipping on your Cuba Libre…ok now open your eyes…you were wearing linen, weren’t you?

9. Black Shoes:

Every man needs a pair of smart black dress shoes for attending a black tie event in. Good thing with such shoes is that you can wear them with a pair of jeans or linen pants and still look stellar, as opposed to wearing a suit with sneakers…*cringe* So whether its a pair of shiny patent leather brogues or a matt lace up, make sure you step out in style.


I’ve decided instead of writing a number 10, I’ll leave it to you guys to give your opinions of what that other item is, I’m sure we’ll have some interesting stuff so go ahead…what’s number 10?…



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