Can your relationship survive an affair?

*Jennifer,  forgot her phone at home one Wednesday morning and she just couldn’t cope without it as she kept thinking of the business she might be losing out on. So after her 10 o’clock meeting she dashed home to pick it up. When she got home however, her husband’s car was parked outside (which was strange as he was supposed to be at work). She thought quickly and decided to park hers across the street. She stealthily crept inside the house and realized her husband was in the bedroom as there was some  noise coming from that direction.

Since her phone was in the bedroom as well, she peeped through the door crack and saw her husband busy working on another woman. She decided not to panic, so after catching her breath she burst into the bedroom and announced “Don’t mind me I’m just grabbing my phone. Carry on.” She however made sure she saw the face of the woman in bed with her husband.

Her husband didn’t follow her to try and get her sympathy or maybe explain and Jen didn’t care to wait. When she got home in the evening she pretended like nothing had happened. She even made dinner and set a place for her husband and went to bed without even bringing up the issue. Her husband tried to apologize once or twice during dinner and calmly and almost playing dumb she told him that she had no idea what he was apologizing for.

When asked by her friends later why she didn’t leave the cheating husband she explained that “Nowadays you don’t walk out on your marriage because you’ve been cheated on. Instead, you stay and persevere as you wait to return the favor and if he happens to be loaded then that is your opportunity to splurge on whatever you want and squander all his money. That’s when you get that Tiguan  you’ve been dreaming of.”

**James is not the most faithful person on earth but he is a humble guy who is thankful for everything he has. He knew he had a good girlfriend until he found out that she was having an affair with his friend who happens to be married. When he found out what *Jane was doing he broke up with her. Jane was so sorry though and regretted her behavior terribly! So much so that she spent a whole year apologizing to James tirelessly and trying to make things work again.

After a while James thought things through and took her back. They got married two months ago but everybody who knows their story swears that the marriage won’t last. That James is just planning his revenge or he found something that will serve as leverage later in the marriage.

***Just two weeks after her massive elegant wedding *Maria started experiencing marital woes. *Bill (Maria’s new husband) started a funny behavior of going out clubbing until morning. Bill was always a party animal and Maria, well, a born again Christian so partying has always been out of the question for her.

Together they have a one year old daughter but being married to each other has always been pure tricks.

One day as Maria was driving to work she received an MMS from a number she did not recognize. She decided to check it out the minute she got to work. When she finally got to it, she couldn’t believe what she saw! Image after image of Bill in bed with another woman! That day was just hell for her as she couldn’t comprehend what it is that she did to deserve that.

A bad fight later, she decided that she would stay for her daughter’s sake.

She has been married to Bill for two years now, they live in the same house but haven’t slept in the same room for one and a quarter years.

****Sophia, a very beautiful housewife and a mother of two  happens to be in a case of “unhappily ever after!” She constantly has to prepare to go fight off a woman from her husband at some bar or restaurant. She has become quite popular because of that.

Every other week she has to pay people to tip her off when they see her husband with another woman. The problem is, instead of taking it up with her husband who is the womanizer, she fights the women her husband moves around with making an idiot of herself. Little does she know that she is the laughing stock of the town. And she won’t listen to anyone!

When you look at these stories, you will be convinced that people have accepted cheating. It has almost become part and parcel of relationships. And shockingly most relationships can survive even several affairs. But I ask myself has anyone ever died of loving themselves so much that they have balls to leave a bad relationship? Has anyone ever died of being single?

I have asked around and everybody swears that they would walk out on a cheating partner but when that time comes, it will be a different story. They will just make up an excuse or another for their cheating partners who just can’t keep their pants on and why they have to stay and persevere. My question to you is…Since cheating is like stealing! would you forgive a thief who robbed you of everything you owned?



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