Kenyan trio go ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ Big Brother

Kenyan musician Prezzo sauntered into the Big Brother ‘Upville’ House in a bright red Maasai shuka, promising to leta action with 90 days left in the BBA contest. He had a reportedly ‘snobbish’ first night in the house, which he shares with 6 other celebrities from across Africa.

His competitors are entertainer DKB from Ghana, musician Lady May from Namibia, singer Goldie from Nigeria, socialite and model Barbz from South Africa, R&B diva Mampi from Zambia, and musician Roki from Zimbabwe.

It’s not clear how they will contest for the Sh25 million prize, but biggie has promised to let us know soon.

Meanwhile, in the noisy ‘Downville’ house, brothers Alex and Malonza who are representing Kenya have already been flagged for speaking too much Kiswahili.

Alex, 23, and Malonza, 22, are hoping to be Kenya’s most successful candidates yet.

Alex describes himself as caring, patient, jealous, determined and strict and thinks his best trait is his ability to socialise with others. Malonza meanwhile, is single, enjoys watching Jacob’s Cross, Big Brother and Modern Family and his favourite musicians include Chris Brown, Sauti Sol and Camp Mulla.

The two join another 22 wannabe stars who will be residing in Downville until they are chucked from the show.

The Downville residence buzzed with excitement despite a lackluster performance by American superstar J Cole, which left fans confused and audiences unimpressed.

Some contestants pulled an all nighter with booze in good supply, trying to retire only minutes before an alarm sounded, summoning them for morning exercise.

The contestants are as follows:

Angola couple – Esperanca and Seydou

Botswana – Edith and Eve

Ghana couple – Keitta and Mildred

Liberia – Luke and Yadel

Malawi – Nafe and Wati

Namibia – Junia and Jesica

Nigeria – Chris and Ola

Sierra Leone – Dalphin and Zainab

South Africa – Keagan and Lee

Tanzania – Hilda and Julio (up for eviction)

Uganda – Kyle and Jannette

Zambia – Talia and Tamara

Zimbabwe – Maneta and Teclar (up for eviction)

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the two Kenyans?

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