Rainy, lazy weekend: Breakfast in Bed ideas

Gloomy, wet and cold days.  The Rainy Season is well on its course in Nairobi, and while we have been blessed with many gorgeous afternoons, it has also been a struggle to navigate through traffic jams, potholes and flooded roads.  So, with another predictably wet weekend to look forward to, what can chase away this blues?

A deliciously sultry and sexy breakfast in bed, cooked to perfection!

Whether you’re cooking up a feast for your lover or for yourself, dirtying up those sheets this weekend with breadcrumbs and bacon drippings is definitely the way to go.


It’s All in the Details

No breakfast in bed is complete unless you’re serving juice, freshly squeezed of course.  For the tea, make sure you steep it in a beautiful teapot that’s good enough to look at; and for coffee, grind the roasted beans fresh and serve in a sophisticated French press.  Unearth the beautiful sugar bowl and attractive driftwood tray that you’ve purchased from your last garage sale.  Forget the ugly mugs with tacky motifs, break out your best cups and sugar spoons for the occasion!

Whether you’re serving pastries, crepes, omelettes or something more decadent; don’t forget to garnish the plate with some colourful fresh fruits and vibrant herbs.  Feasting with your eyes is what makes Breakfast in Bed such a memorable and desirable thing to do.

Lastly, be good to yourself and neatly fold linen napkins for you and your guest, prepare your favourite vase with beautiful flowers from the garden.  Open up your windows for a refreshing breeze, put on your favourite tune, leave the mess in the kitchen for later, and jump back into bed with your perfect meal!

Happy breakfast-ing in bed everyone  🙂




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