Marriage: Be prepared and equipped

(Thitu Kariba) – When we go for weddings we always here these couples who are so in love read out these wonderful vows to one another that they are to upkeep till death do them part. Considering no one knows when they are going to die unless they make plans to, that could be a long or short period.  Once you get married, live together and you come out of the honeymoon phase, your eyes begin to open to just how annoying, frustrating and even selfish your spouse can be. I mean you have to share a space now; you have been single longer than you have been married and one prepared you for the adjusting that needs doing. It will take more than a pretty dress, and suit, some unity candle or whatever to get you by, and get you to uphold the vows.

Marriage is a force to be reckoned with and it take two, it also takes being prepared and equipped to ride that wave. If marriage is a force then there has to be principles set out to govern it, and there are.  There is a principle that if applied right will govern marriage as God intended it.  That principle is love. It may sound simple; you may think you know it but it’s deeper than that.

It’s been broken down for us in 8 principles to help govern the other forces that come up in a marriage:




Resilience / Poise





All these are principles which when applied in wisdom will govern the force and you will see the desired results. I cannot go through each and every one, that is a book for another day; however, I can take you through one.

If in a marriage you can apply patience, you can govern time. You will be able to wait and see change without being intimidated or irritated by the waiting. In marriage, as I mentioned two people who have been use to being alone now are together sharing their most intimate space, there is no privacy and patience is key. If we can use when and how to use all the principles then we can govern marriage successfully.


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