Thanks to Ashton Kutcher, online dating is cool again

Online dating has never sounded appealing.  Dating online is always accompanied by looking at fake profiles, warding off scammers and chatting with perhaps those that are up to no good.  Not to mention, the pitiful advertisement images of lonely singles – what a turn off.

In an attempt to make dating cool again, the newest campaign taking the internet by storm from features a short video with the very single and ready to mingle funny-man Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher plays five different single characters looking for love: a flamboyant fashion designer, a sensitve Harley-loving biker, a new age hippie and a Bollywood director that wants to find his own Kardashian – genius!  Together, along with Kutcher himself, they are all in search of love.

Aside from highlighting the lighter side of dating online, Kutcher and World Wide Lovers hopes to inspire daters to play matchmaker by giving friends a chance to hook up their single friends through a personalized video – like the one Kutcher and his characters have made.

The next stratum of online dating?  Personalized video content.

If you’re single and looking to give online dating a try, check out World Wide Lovers, which Ashton Kutcher has joined!


Watch Ashton Kutcher’s video here:

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