Is Prezzo landing at BBA 7 ‘fo sho’?

With less than 3 days to go before the curtains rise to reveal Big Brother Africa Stargame, speculation is rife as to who Kenya’s contestants are.

The contenders chosen from more than 200 pairs that auditioned in Nairobi and other parts of the country; are a tightly kept secret, but one bunny may have been let out of the bag.

Rumour has it that musician Prezzo will be part of this year’s Big Brother installment ‘fo sho, fo shizzy’.

Others rumoured to be in the show are Grace Makosewe, Nini Wacera, musicians Avril and Collo, and even radio Presenter Joey Muthengi, but those tall tales have fallen flat on their faces.

Prezzo’s popularity has earned Kenyan tweets yet another spot on the worldwide trends list, fluctuating on Thursday mid-morning between 2nd and 3rd place.

The trend #ContestantsBetterThanPrezzoForBBA has also attracted spammers, who have latched onto it but stick out like a sore thumb, or a gold tooth. The tooth fairy meanwhile also alleged that there could be a celeb segment to the show, into which Prezzo will be going, for free – but this information could not be verified.

Multichoice Kenya has offered no comment on the speculation, promising only to issue a statement on the matter later on Thursday.

The seventh edition of BBA starts on Sunday May 6, with 14 pairs of contestants eyeing a grand prize of Sh25 million ~ approximately.

Nigerian celebrity IK returns as the host of the show, Osakioduwa, making his fourth appearance at the studio, which will be home to a large group of contestants for three months.

The House this year, according to a statement, is retro-inspired with 53 cameras and 120 microphones.

The retro however is a far cry from a 1950s Hollywood get-up, which can also be seen in other parts of the house. Does this mean Biggie is up to something? Is there a second house?

The only sure thing, for now, is that J Cole will be the main opening act on Sunday. I hope they carry a stretcher for them swooning girls. Let’s watch some Prezzo while we wait…

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