Naturopathic methods of enhancing one’s fertility

(Ameet Aggarwal) – Boosting fertility is a common goal of many couples today. There are many naturopathic methods of enhancing fertility which also make your body healthier. Keeping your body healthy also ensures you can carry the pregnancy to term.

Male infertility is a common problem overlooked when couples are trying to get pregnant. It is often the woman who will go through all the tests and hormone treatments. Males suffer from low sperm count, improper sperm structure and also low sperm motility (movement capacity), which all contribute to infertility. Male infertility is commonly caused by poor diet, excessive alcohol and drug use, emotional issues, lack of exercise, tight clothing and numerous other factors which naturopathic doctors assess on an individual basis. Nutritional supplementation with arginine, zinc and various other nutritional supplements can enhance sperm health.

Infertility in women can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, blocked fallopian tubes, improper diet and various other factors which cause hormonal imbalances. Emotional holding patterns can also hinder fertility in both men and women. Naturopathic medicine aims to improve nutritional status and hormonal balance in women and to remove inflammation and toxins which may be hindering pregnancy. This is done best through diet changes (removing inflammatory foods), using Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and herbs), Bowen therapy to enhance hormonal balance and lifestyle changes.

Clomid is a drug commonly used to enhance fertility in women. It works by promoting ovulation through estrogen receptor modulation. Clomid is about 80% successful in enhancing ovulation, but only about 40% successful in creating pregnancies. In addition, clomid causes certain nutritional deficiencies and does come with its side effects. There are naturopathic supplements and herbs which can enhance the effects of clomid and reduce the nutrient depletion experienced with clomid.

All in all, it is best to seek out comprehensive advice on your individual situation. Get your nutritional state assessed as well as lifestyle factors which might be affecting fertility. Balance your hormones through natural methods because they often enhance your overall health. Issues such as ovarian cysts, irregular periods, breast tenderness, menstrual clotting and abdominal cramps can all point to hormonal and systemic imbalances leading to infertility.


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