Top 5 strangest divorce laws in the world


Some people marry their spouses for love, some marry over a “dare,” some marry over desperation, and some divorce and re-marry because they realize they’ve made the wrong decision, again.

Whatever the reason may be, going through a divorce is a bewildering experience with a very sharp learning curve.

To assist in easing that learning curve, here are a few of the world’s strangest divorce laws:


1. In New Mexico and Mississippi, when a third party (e.g. the other woman or man) is held responsible for the failure of a marriage – spouses have the right to sue their ex spouse’s LOVER for damages.  Yes, here’s your chance to get back at that B****

2. In Kentucky, it’s illegal to remarry the same person 4 times – perhaps Kentuckians marry their spouses many times?  Can’t they just make up their minds?!

3. In Kansas, it’s written into law that a man’s mistreatment of his mother-in-law can’t be used as grounds for divorce – guess husbands and mother-in-laws don’t get along very well in Kansas.

4. In the state of Delaware, a couple can file to have their marriage annulled if they entered into it as a “dare” – seriously, to have this penned in law ultimately suggests that a lot of people in Delaware “dare” each other to get married.  “If you love me, then I DARE YOU TO MARRY ME!” Does that line still work?

5. In Tennessee, claiming that your spouse made an attempt on your life “by poison or any other means showing malice” is grounds for divorce – Poisoning their spouses in Tennessee must’ve been a popular thing to do.  Can’t people just get along?



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