Coke makes party-crashing cool again

To “crash a party” is an expression that basically means to attend a party without receiving an invitation.  Party crashers are often seen as those that screw up the whole party, and since they’ve never even been invited, it makes them that much more annoying.  Party crashing has never been “cool” per se, but Coca-Cola Kenya and Capital FM are revolutionizing that perception by literally “crashing” parties all over Kenya.

So far the Coke team have raided numerous parties in Voi, Nyeri, Naivasha and Nairobi, where together with a local celebrity and a Capital FM DJ, “Makes it happen” through giving away lots of Coke and prizes, at no extra cost to the host of the party and in complete surprise.

Too good to be true?  If you want the Coke and Capital FM team to “surprise” you and your friends at your next party, make sure to register your party at  Get the most votes and the Coke team will come to show you how crashing parties should really be!


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