Kitchen Tip: Use an address book for recipes

It’s rare these days to see cookbooks getting covered in flour, placed precariously next to the greasy cooker, and getting its pages splashed with milk and oil.  Computers and laptops have now become the modern version of a cookbook.  With recipes easily accessible on the internet, bookmarking made easy with just a click of a button, and practically an infinite database of recipes to choose from – old school cookbooks are more for decorating the bookshelves and coffee tables than for the kitchen.


The internet may be great for recipe beginners, but for the more seasoned home chefs, going old-school with paper and pen is sometimes more convenient.   Let’s say you’ve prepared the same recipe a few times, you know what you’re doing, but you need a quick reminder of the long list of ingredients – looking up the same recipe online might be more complicated than you need.  What if you didn’t have access to a printer?  Or, just in case you find yourself in the kitchen during a blackout because a nearby transformer blew during a thunderstorm, your computer or internet is out of service, and finding that recipe now is practically impossible – an address book will go a long way.


A simple address book is perfect for your arsenal of go-to recipes.  Small and conveniently organized in alphabetical order, this small book is perfect for jotting down the ingredients and quick tips for your recipes.  The address book is even small enough for you to carry your recipes on family holidays or any time you’re expected to cook.


Do you have interesting ways of keeping tabs on your most-used recipes? 



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