Mama Gee and IK hang out at CFM

“You can’t even play your real life. You can only play what you see others do,” said Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwor aka Mama Gee, when she paid a visit to the Capital FM studios on Thursday.

The renowned actress told Capital in the Morning presenter Chris Foot that she was nothing like the mostly scary characters she plays in Nollywood movies.

“I am a practicing Christian. I think the reason I play bad characters so well is because I am trying to tell the girls not to be bad.”

She played out the dialogue from one of the scenes of her movies that rattled Chris and even

Big Brother host IK, who was in Kenya with Mama Gee for the launch of four new Africa Magic channels.

IK, a comic ladies man, demanded to be introduced as: tall, dark and handsome.

With a name too long to remember at first encounter, IK said he too was a Christian, preaching to girls all the time to lead them to Christ.

“When I say my name people are always like ‘I don’t speak Nigerian’”, he laughed.

The presenter detailed that he first got onto TV by accident. He said he had just gotten to work for his radio show when the Programmes Controller there told him he had the day off and had to go for an audition for Studio 53.

“That was how it started. I went for the auditions and it was intimidating. But I thank God that I pulled through.”

On his experiences as Big Brother host, he said that contestants from the last two years were the most provocative. He said he was looking forward to the upcoming season, which he is happily hosting again.

Meanwhile, while admonishing Chris for being single, Mama Gee went on to talk about what she does away from acting.

“I have four biological children. But I also help girls who want to get rid of their babies. I give them a place to stay and a place to reflect. I tell them that you never known what the baby will get to be in future.”

Mama Gee said it was blessing to be able to do what she does.

“I’m not about to retire, I’m still strong. I love acting and I love people. Of course I can’t help everyone, but I do my best.”

The two were in town for the launch of four new Africa Magic channels and the repositioning of others totaling. These include, AfricaMagic, AfricaMagic Movies, AfricaMagic Entertainment, AfricaMagic Movies 1 and AfricaMagic World, AfricaMagic Hausa, AfricaMagic Yoruba and AfricaMagic Swahili.

Actor Desmond Elliot was also in town for the same event.

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