Kenyans, miracle hangover remedy in a tablet?

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the week, Kenya- Friday has finally come.  During the long stretch days between Monday and Friday, our work week, it’s totally socially appropriate to stay out too late, drink a lot of alcohol, waltz into home drunk, and walk into work the next day smelling like a brewery and struggling to be coherent with a gripping hangover.  Finally, tonight, you can drink to your heart’s desire and sleep-in on the weekend, not worrying about how people at work think of you, and be able to nurse that hangover like how your Mama taught you.

The morning after simply sucks.  It doesn’t matter how much of a seasoned alcoholic you are, fighting that hangover is like as tough as recovering from being hit by a bus, and for the one’s who decide to brave the office with a plastered face – good luck.

Dear Kenyans, there’s a new hangover pill on the market and perhaps, some will hope that the miracle pill, Blowfish, will make its way over here the sooner the better.


Enter: Miracle hangover remedy Blowfish

For only, $11.99, a 12-tablet box will gladly cure six hangovers.  And for the ambitious drunks out there, how about saving some money with a 50-tablet box, enough for twenty-five hangovers for just under $50?  A deal I’d say.

The hangover remedy Blowfish is a tablet meant to be dissolved in water that combines aspirin and caffeine, which taken in the morning, will work to soothe your aching stomach, calm your pounding headache, and give you a shot of extra perkiness.

US Food and Drug Administration-approved, Blowfish is so confident that it’ll work, it even comes with a money-back guarantee.  Now, what drug promised that?


Seriously, if Blowfish comes toKenya, you bet there will be long queues at every chemist!




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