Fashion slimming tricks

There are several ways to make you look slimmer without  working out or going on a diet. All you have to exercise is your fashion skills and play with what you already have in your closet to create a different look and feel on you. I call them…Fashion slimming tricks. Here goes:

Dealing with Color

*Of course the number one trick to looking slimmer and perhaps toned when you really are not is the black dress!


*Black is a flattering color, it helps hide flaws and it will slim you down regardless of whether it is a little dress or not.

The same effect  of a slimmed down illusion can also be achieved through wearing dark shades like purple, navy blue and  brown.

*Lighter colors and especially when worn too fitting to the body can give the illusion of a larger frame. They are not to be worn around the areas  you consider “flawy” as you don’t want people’s focus there.

For example: Avoid a white blouse if you want to camouflage a big chest and khaki colors  if you want to camouflage big hips or a big bottom.

*If you are short with a large build try as much as possible to avoid a dramatic contrast of a light blouse and dark bottom as this will shorten you some more. It will  cut you into half hence making you disappear.

*Wear a monochrome color from top to bottom  if you want to appear taller but do not do the same with prints as you might  just end up looking like a busy bush or a clown. A flower print shirt should be paired with black pants or a  black skirt.

Design and cut of your clothes

*In case you have figure flaws, some sewing techniques such as ruching can help sort them out. Ruching is simply pleating, gathering or ruffling a fabric to create a certain look and it helps to hide a multitude of flaws.

*Between slightly baggy and super tight…it is better to go with slightly baggy pants. You can imagine your pants straining at the seams and making you look fat and overgrown for it as well as giving you a muffin top.

*If you have love handles or a bulging tummy invest in wrap around tops and wear textured fabrics.

*Leather pants will not flatter your bum..avoid them if you have lots of  junk in the trunk!


Stripes and prints

Choose Vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal stripes if you have a fuller figure.

Leave the Horizontal stripes for the skinny who want to add a couple of pounds to their really slim frame and Vertical  stripes if you want to appear taller.

Stripes as a slimming trick are best in black , navy blue and dark brown and if you want to disguise your curves completely just stay away from any stripes altogether.

Accessories to create a slimmer illusion

If full figured and big boned avoid tiny purses and  skinny belts as these will just draw more attention to your size. Medium to  oversize accessories are what you want to go for. A  medium purse and wide belt and perhaps a statement necklace and  big bangles/watch will give you a balanced/smaller look.

Believe it or not the size of your heel also matters. You do know that heels make you appear taller hence slimmer (it’s a no brainer) but if you are huge stay away from delicate looking heels as you’ll look as though you are forcing issues and stressing the poor heels. Your posture will also be altered and you’ll end up looking wrong! Also avoid kitten heels if you are bulky.

Choose the heels that you can walk comfortably and gracefully in.

If you have a wide or short neck, wear tops that are open at the neck  to make your neck appear longer. Also avoid choker as you’ll look neck-less hence fuller.

Wear a bra that is your exact size as this will help lift your boobs hence defining your waist you don’t want bulging boobs which just make you look wrong!

Opt for longer earrings if you have a chubby face.

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