Camp Mulla hold it down in the CBD

Foursome and a manager Camp Mulla have released their latest video, a tribute track called ‘Hold It Down’ in honour of the city that made them: Nairobi.

They have somehow managed to make Mama Ngina Street look sexy, but I guess they have Nigerian director Clarence Peters to thank for that.

The track features Miss Karun, Yung Kass (Shappa Man), The Taio Tripper and K’Cous, who also produced the song.

It’s a kicker off their FuNkYToWN album, and is the latest in their string of releases featuring the Nigerian director.

Camp Mulla is undoubtedly among the hottest new bands in Africa, with videos constantly on rotation whether in local broadcast or on cable TV.

The video was shot on Mama Ngina Street and Wabera Street in the Nairobi CBD. On a scale of 1-20, how would you rate the video?

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