Kenyan male gold diggers on the rise

Often, people brand women who like to date particular men, shop in particular stores, live only in particular areas and wine and dine at particular retaurants as gold diggers! That is not the case always. There are women who do all the above with their own hard earned cash.

Well, for the past couple of months I have been noticing and studying a certain species of Kenyan men… the Kenyan male gold diggers! As a woman I can be excused if I choose to marry a man because of the size of his pockets as I know I will compensate for it in other ways such as carry his children in my womb  for some million weeks and of course I will humble myself and cater to him for many years. But a man who is blatantly after a woman for her money…there’s something absolutely wrong with that picture and it’s just plain wrong!

So, the members of this new male species are very comfortable with “being kept” by a woman -who does not necessarily have to be so well off  or older but just does better than him financially.)

They will prey on you and be all over you like white on rice just because you have  Benjamins and those Benjamins can do something huge for them. A lavish life of fast cars, sexy blings and opulent environs… while they sit back and wait for it to fall on their laps. To the Kenyan male gold digger…because you have your own stylish apartment, you dress well and own keys to anything with four wheels…you are the jackpot!

*I know there are those men who are hunted down innocently by well off cougars but that’s an article for another day. Today I am all about the young male who will go hunting for the lady with a lot pocket money to spare. And guts, they have this lot I must say.

Who exactly is this male gold digger?

They are all over the place and they are multiplying fast!

*A male gold digger is often very handsome and attractive and he knows it. Besides that, he has a very flashy lifestyle and this is what attracts you to him in the beginning. He lies a lot and especially about what he does for a living and his achievements and he is very elusive when asked anything about himself.

*He will tell you about where he lives and even invites you over to his place hoping you’ll say no, but just in case you say yes, imaginary meetings that keep him out of his house at all hours of the day and night emerge! He is simply what musician Wahu would call a “kibow-wow”.

*The male gold digger doesn’t necessarily  have to be poor, he could have been rich but has recently bumped into difficult  financial times and what matters to him is that he maintains his lifestyle pre-hard times.

*He always knows how to spot a woman with insecurities and so he decides to do something to make you feel better about yourself (i.e offer you fake love)  but only to his benefit.

*He does not love you, he loves your money and especially if you are considered socially unattractive and perhaps overweight…ahh…the better!

How to spot the male gold digger from a mile

#He is very keen to know about your finances, job description and your employer. It’s even better if you are self employed or a prominent member in the society.

#He feels he has the right to know about your bank details and how much money you have in your account even before you get to second base with him.

#He asks for money to invest in non-existent schemes claiming he will give it back with interest.

#He is always asking for a loan every now and then and is always in a financial mess that needs urgent attention. If you fail to release the funds or ask for more explanations you will get a dumping but not before some emotional torture.

#He is always “saving” somebody’s a** or constantly his family members fall sick or die…he often just needs money for crises!

#He is very ostentatious in his ways  and mark you he doesn’t have a job.

#He never gives you anything or gives you something that will benefit both of you…but him more.

#Whenever he gets money (which you lovingly gave him) he spends it all very fast knowing that when you ask you will give him some more. After all you are his breathing ATM machine.

#He shamelessly asks you to send him airtime or money for fuel or for  cab fare when you ask him to meet you.

#He only likes hanging out at your place and will even entertain his friends at your place and at your expense.

#He has a trail of heartbroken women who he has milked, played and dumped in the past.

#He is always unavailable unless he needs something from you.

Remember this man does not care about you, he only cares about himself. He doesn’t add any value to your life whatsoever and once he has milked your finances dry you cease to exist to him! So by any means if you spot him early…avoid him like the plague. Extinguish the male gold digger!!!

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