BAKE Awards to recognize Kenyan bloggers launched

The first ever Blog Awards will be held in April 2012 to recognize outstanding Kenyan bloggers in different fields.

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) have organised the awards to promote and encourage creation of local content.

“The idea is to recognize bloggers that post consistently, have great and useful content, and creative and innovative,” says BAKE.

Participants submitted their blogs from mid March to April 10th. Judges are now in the process of picking the top five in each of the 14 categories.

The public will then vote through an online system where the winners will be picked and awarded at a Gala on May 5th.

The BAKE Blogs Awards will be an opportunity for upcoming bloggers to get exposure and recognition, according to Mwirigi, one of the organizers of the awards.

“Blogs that are not in the “elitist, exclusive blogroll”, blogs written by people who may not be very well known or popular on Social Media but have great content…we feel the awards will be a great opportunity for new blogs/bloggers to showcase themselves,” says Mwirigi.

The 14 blog categories are:

  1. Technology blog
  2. Photography
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Business
  5. Food
  6. Agriculture
  7. Fashion
  8. Politics
  9. Best new blog
  10. Best Corporate blog
  11. Best General blog
  12. Best Sports blog
  13. Tweep of the Year – Individual (Best Twitter user inKenya)
  14. Tweep of the Year – Corporate

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