New magazine highlights Kenyan film industry

A magazine has been launched to cater to the diverse film industry in the country, and the author’s hope it will help put a spotlight on the immense talent displayed on Kenyan screens.

The first edition of the magazine, Film Kenya, was released last week and it documents upcoming films, local TV shows, insights into the industry as well as one on one interviews with the faces behind the characters seen on the TV screens.

“Basically anything you want to know about anything you can do on a television screen, you can find it in Film Kenya. Talk about movies, TV series, dramas, and even gaming, the magazine talks about what’s happening in those spheres and more,” says Editor-in-chief Eddie Irura.

“One thing we are pleased to highlight is theatre, because all acting talent comes from there mostly,” he added.

The premier copy, which is a complimentary free edition, takes a closer look at the puppet show XYZ and also features behind the scenes info on one of the few action offerings in Kenya – Simiyu Samurai.

Focus is also placed on why and how movies are a good business venture, as well as the latest games in the video gaming scene.

“Most of the fantastic things done here in Kenya get very little publicity. With this kind of in-depth coverage and stories on what is happening and what is coming up, we hope to highlight the industry more and play our part in growing the industry,” he told Capital Lifestyle.

Subsequent issues will have a price tag of Sh280 and be available at regular vendors and supermarkets across the country, starting with Nairobi.

Eddie is excited to have the Kenya Film Commission’s backing on the venture and the Brand Kenya Board as well.

“It’s only our first issue but we’ve gotten so much positive feedback and ideas on what topics we should consider covering. We’re not messing about. Our articles will be as in-depth as discussing the technical audio-visual aspects of film-making. In fact, our entertainment offering will be colossal. “

As usual the challenge with this ingenious platform is to get solid distribution channels, but Eddie says that that is something they are working on.

As far back as 2008, the Kenyan film industry had been identified as a key economic growth area, and was contributing as much as 4% to the GDP (Gross domestic Product), both directly and indirectly.

“The vast potential has been evident by the growth of film production companies from 20 to over 200 of varying sizes as well the more frequent occurrence of premiers and film related events concerning locally produced features and programming,” Eddie added.

“An information gap exists though that will be filled through a regional, collaborative magazine and online portal that discusses opportunities and efforts of the Kenyan film industry.

The publication, by Broad Space Interactive Limited, is intended for an assorted target audience between the ages of 21 and 65 years.

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