When to send a woman flowers

Gentlemen, knowing when to send flowers is almost as important as knowing when not to send them. There’s always a place and time for everything.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Who gives a F*** whether my chick likes them or not, she should just be grateful that I’ve bothered going to buy them and even managed to pay extra to send them to her office” or “it’s an amazing gesture” or even “every woman loves flowers.”

Truth of the matter is that it’s not that simple.

Through my own trials and many errors later, I have realized that giving your potential, girlfriend or wifey flowers, may not be the best gift after all.

One of my good female friends told me the worst is when a guy buys flowers for someone they hardly know: “Might as well just buy me a scented candle for Christmas,” she said as she shrugged her shoulders.

I know right?! What an ungrateful B****. Actually, come to think of it – she may not be such a “female dog” after all. Let’s try to understand her side of the story.

My friend goes on to explain to me that all woman appreciate the fact that someone is thinking of them. Whether it’s just a sms or flowers sent to the office, it is undoubtedly a great gesture. However, if everyone gets flowers, doesn’t the gesture then seem a bit predictable and generic?

“What if I have pollen allergies?”

That’s true. The worst thing a man could do is be the reason that the beautiful woman’s skin breaks out into rashes. She’ll never forgive you then.

“I hate roses and love lilies. The guy didn’t even bother to get to know me first, so what purpose does the bouquet of random flowers serve? It doesn’t matter what the price tag was.”

Being a man who has learned from most of my mistakes, the advice I can give you, gentlemen, is to always customize your gift. Make it personal. Otherwise, the impact is often unfortunately lost in translation. Don’t try to push things too quickly. You never know, maybe you’re adding pressure and straining your barely there relationship.  Be original and most importantly, be genuine.

Good luck Boys!




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