Pretty in colorful florals

Flowers are really beautiful to look at but it would be very difficult and super uncomfortable to wear clothes made out of  actual flowers right? Enter the floral print.

Not many are crazy about floral prints as they remind one of their grandmothers furniture and curtains and certainly not many can pull them off either.

It takes knowing yourself, your fashion sense and what colors look good on you to pull off florals.

As with the case with flowers being colorful, the  floral print can be quite colorful as well.

How to wear florals

It is usually best to have minimal floral print on you hence a skirt and a plain top is always the safest way to go. With a skirt, and especially a mini the show of skin helps the flowers blend in well with your outfit hence you don’t get the busy look.

When it comes to choosing a busy floral print it is advisable to have white as the dominant color on your outfit as this will make the flowers look minimal.

It gets a bit tricky when it comes to jumpsuits and pants/pantsuits as they make you look super busy. Don’t be surprised if a bee came and landed on you. Here you really have to know your fashion and not just try something because it is in vogue. You might end up either looking like a flower garden, a rainbow or like flowers threw up all their color all over you.

*Floral prints can help liven up a rather dull look… so adding on floral accessories such as a scarf to a rather plain outfit will add a pop of much needed color to your outfit.

Pulling off florals will require that the rest of your outfit is in a monotone.

Floral shoes should be paired with a monotone outfit, or an outfit with very minimal print. You seriously don’t want to attract the bees.

Florals are so bright that wearing a floral print can liven up your moods and make you look all bright and bubbly 🙂 try it!

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