Juliani launches his tour under Kama Si Sisi

Juliani recently launched his mtaa tour at the YMCA Shauri Moyo under his Kama Si Sisi campaign.

African Alliance of YMCA’s co-sponsored the event, which was well attended with over 500 young people drawn from Nairobi, aimed at boosting youth involvement in national affairs.

“If we – the youth – don’t participate in the affairs of this country, who will? We have a stake. We matter and therefore must contribute and engage. We are the people who will script the aspirations and dreams of a new republic,” said Juliani, during the event dubbed “Shauri Moyo S2C Mtaa Tour.”

The General Secretary of AAYMCA, Carlos Sarvee, challenged the youth in Kenya to participate in as many fields as possible.

“YMCA Africa has a programme known as Subject to Citizen (S2C) whose objective is to move young people from subjects to citizens who have influence and voice in their countries. We have been working in several countries in Africa, Kenya being one of them. It is our pleasure to see so many youth showing leadership in diverse fields such as business and politics in their countries,” he said.

Also in attendance were observers constituting of over 70 top leaders from the World Alliance of YMCAs who were in Kenya attending a conference directed at making them more responsive to matters affecting young people.



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