Peep at them sexy toes

There are people have a fetish for feet and shoes, then there are those who have a fetish for toes. So what better  way to satisfy the latter with some cute peep toe pumps?

Peep toe pumps have been around for a while but everyday, more stylish ones are coming up. Something  Christian Louboutin is a pro at  and he always makes sure he does a super  job.

Peep toe pumps are sexy and chic all at the same time and they have a reputation of adding some va-va-voom to your look!

Peep toes do divert attention to your toes therefore:

*Your toes need to be clean and presentable

*A good Pedicure is necessary

*If you have half a toe or defective toes, stay away from them

There are different types of peep toes.

Very tiny peep – These literally give a peep at your toes perhaps only your big toenail gets to peep. They are comfortable to wear and easy to walk in.

Wide peep – These require that you wear them with swag as your toes might protrude all the way outside the shoes (maybe even too much that your toes touch the ground). They are slightly hard to walk in…you need to apply more effort and balance hence you might end up curling your toes which does not look cute at all.

Midi peep– These only allow about three toes to peep. They give good support to your feet and they fit well. They are easy to walk in too.

Whatever peep toe style suits you, wear it like you were meant for each other. When it comes to the heel go for the inches you feel comfortable wearing.

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