New Music Alert: Run Run Run


“I heard you’re waiting for me,” says Kaz in her latest track Run Run Run, an easy song that she released at the Mercury Junction yesterday.

Kaz, born Karen Lucas, hints that she is making a comeback in the track.

The song from one of Kenya’s pioneers of Afro-fusion, has elements of hip-hop, mild Kenyan pop, and spoken word.

Have a look and listen and tell Capital Lifestyle what you think…


  • Kiemikini

    coool, i think it is  nice one for a comeback.hop itaendelea kuwakilisha isiwe unakuja tena utokomee gizani.

  • Nmwangi19

    the dancing is too mechanical work on that….and the tights can we please see something fresh…

  • Mathanwag

     I does not see any sense of originality in your performance.Seems copy and paste here and there

  • Viewer

    Big up on the effort. I think it really lacks originality tough. The dancing part could use a major injection of skill, style, and creativity. I like the line “I hear you are waiting for me” Two stars. 

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