I wanna be your official girl


It’s been little over a year now and I’m still his unofficial girl. My boyfriend (or whatever he is to me) has refused to commit fully to me. Our relationship status is pending and has been for the past year. Everybody thinks we have a perfect thing going on , all rosy and a bottle of wine… I’m sad to report that it is anything but!

Dude and I met at some house party as I was just on my way out. We almost butted heads at the door. I smiled and muttered something about being sorry and then he inquired where I was going to in such a hurry, tried to convince me to stay for a bit longer but I had had it with that boring party and I wanted to be out of there ASAP! I wasn’t in the mood of meeting anyone either…in fact that was the last thing on my mind so when he told me his name, I just said nice to meet you and dashed off to my car.

Dude practically hunted me down after that brief encounter at the door. Asking random people at the party if they knew a certain chic who just left and was wearing this and that…with his description and no name he couldn’t get anywhere because he was describing a number of girls at the party. He asked all his friends until he finally found me. It took quite a while of calling and flirting over the phone and playing hard to get before I actually agreed to meet him for coffee.

He then did everything possible to ensure that I got his attention. There were dinners and expensive gifts, a thousand calls a day just to check on me, random flower deliveries at my work place and random mini trips… he went the whole nine yards…and then the uncertainty phase checked in and somehow he got the freaks.


He has never called me his girlfriend! He is the only one who decides when to meet up. He doesn’t call no more he only sends me texts via Whatsapp (a free texting application).

I have no idea where we stand because it is not clear that we are dating or that I’m his official girl.

He texts to say things like “I miss you girl”, “I need to see you girl…it’s important that I do” and I find it all ridiculous.We even hang out with his friends and sometimes my friends but never has he called me his girlfriend officially.

It’s like he’s freaking out and sometimes behaves like a child when I tell him I need to see other people because whatever it is that we have is quite hazardous to both our health.

A year it is and it is still  find it weird when I tell my friends that he is not my boyfriend and that what we have is complicated. My friends say things like “he loves you and we can tell by the way he looks at you and by the way he treats you”. I can’t tell them that sometimes he goes quiet on me and I only hear from him once a week or sometimes once in two weeks. That it even feels strange to call him my boyfriend because he’s not!

I try not to call him or text him first because I believe that if you love someone the calling should be frequent and that weird feeling should not be felt and it shouldn’t matter who calls first. We do have fun together but once he leaves I wonder if I dreamt all the fun times.

Men have practically been knocking on my door trying to get me to go out with them. I am flattered and all but at the same time I feel like I might be cheating and I’m not a cheat. I am running out of patience. I feel like this thing that we have only favors him. I need to leave or I need to know if I’m his official girl.

~ Capital Lifestyle Reader~

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