Smartphones and their Apps help you cheat

It use to be called a “black book” – a small notebook bound with glue packaged in an incognito black with all the details of your clandes and sexual escapades. Now, mobile technology has drastically changed the way men and women do things, especially those in the “player” category.

Say goodbye to the stack of paper and business cards, the modern way of managing multiple women or men lies in how smart your mobile phone is.

With password protected contact books, multiple interchangeable interfaces for business or pleasure, different contact lists and even phone apps made for a player’s delight – smartphones have revolutionized the “black book.”

Here are just a couple of apps that you may want to purchase, or be on the look out for when you’re searching through someone else’s phone! Don’t say you haven’t informed!


Here’s an app for your Blackberry that takes a password protected list to the next level! If your clande calls, instead of their real name popping up on the screen, get this, a smoke screen appears instead! Best part? If someone is snooping around on your phone, they won’t find the app unless they know the secret code!

Fox Private Message

This one is for every scenario on your Android. Really a bang for the buck! Let’s say your sexting someone and your girlfriend walks in on you. Instead of looking guilty – deleting the message – you just have to shake the phone and the message disappears! Here’s another scenario. Let’s say you leave your phone accidently with your girlfriend. Whoops! Hakuna matata, just send a text to your phone with your secret code, and all your illicit evidence filed in a hidden list of messages will disappear. 🙂


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