Oriflame’s Bioclinic for beautiful, supple skin

Do you have saggy skin or do you foresee yourself getting all saggy in the future and want to prevent that? Are you male or female and care about having fabulous skin throughout your life? Then there’s a new product by global cosmetics leader Oriflame just for you! Bioclinic is it!

Bioclinic  came about  as  a result  of a breakthrough research that was the creation of Oriflame’s first cosmetics-pharmaceutical (cosmeseuticals) and was recently unveiled as a skin care technology which for the first time combines the benefits of cosmetics and medicine.

Inspired by aesthetic medicine, Bioclinic is the result of intensive research involving a huge amount of collaboration between an international panel of experts to ensure that all aspects of the skin were investigated.
It  provides exclusive and precise solutions to skin problems such as sagging skin, dilated capillaries, adults acne and dark spots, among others.
Bioclinic offers cosmetics and pharmaceuticals approach to skin care and provide targeted solutions to specific skin problems with a scientifically advanced approach.
The powerful triple action formula contains skin protection factor (SPF) 15 to enhance the skin’s defence mechanisms.
Speaking in Nairobi when he launched the product, Oriflame East Africa Vice President and COO, Mr. Terje Width, said Bioclinic works to deliver instant and lasting lifting action to sagging skin.
“Bioclinic is being launched after 5 years of ‘cosmeceutical’ research including 12 weeks of dermatological testing on a panellist,” said Mr. Width.
The product is expected to be a hit among men and women over the age of 35 who need to protect their skins from signs of early aging while also managing already sagging skin.
“The modern professional woman is exposed to social and work-related stress. There is also the effect of harmful environmental elements. All these cause women to begin showing signs of aging earlier than normal,” said Width.
He added: “We shall constantly work at innovating new products that meet the needs of our customers.”
Oriflame also launched a product catalogue featuring 11 new products designed for the East African market. The catalogue, which is published in both English and Swahili, has more than 400 products. Most of the products are in the skin care range, a response to a survey on the beauty needs of people across East Africa.
The catalogue, which showcases the entire product range, is an indispensable handbook for Oriflame, whose business model is anchored on direct selling.

The model shortens the value chain for the benefit of the consumer and relies on Independent Sales Consultants, who are the link between the company and the consumer. More than 50,000 people have joined the East African operation as Independent Sales Consultants since it launched in Nairobi in 2008. There are more than 4 million independent sales consultants worldwide.

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