of Ciroc Vodka and Lipstick Ladies…

After a quiet entry into the market last year, Ciroc Vodka thought to spice things up a little with a night of sexy cocktails and sexy women at an exclusive launch in Nairobi.

Bottles of the smooth premium vodka were placed in massive ice buckets across the Cin Cin bar at Fairmont The Norfolk, as ladies in lipstick were invited to sample the tastiest cocktails expertly whipped up. Of course, where the ladies are, men tend to follow.

Guests were greeted with delectable shots of Ciroc with apple and Ciroc with pineapple to boast the vodka’s velvet taste to Nairobi’s female elite. After many shots the ladies oohed and aahed as the Cin Cin bartenders skillfully poured out the cocktails with hints of orange, melon, passion and several other options.

Ciroc is a Diageo brand and it’s being distributed locally by East Africa Breweries Limited. A 1litre bottle is retailing in local supermarkets for about Sh4,250.

The ladies who love their lipstick, and even those who weren’t wearing any didn’t seem to mind the Vodka.

The management at Cin Cin explained that Ciroc had partnered with them for a ladies – and gents – night out aptly called Lipstick Lounge, slated for Thursdays. Cocktails at the demure lounge will cost a yummy Sh400 with a 25% discount on non-Ciroc mixtures on the special days.

And men are invited to the Lipstick Lounge, they assured, so nobody feels left out.

Pictures by @TaCaKa

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