Wambui Mukenyi launches The Janet Collection

Wambui Mukenyi is one young Kenyan fashion designer who I know for sure is going places! This I say with confidence as I witnessed her make one epic fashion milestone on Friday as she finally got to launch the Janet Collection.

The Janet collection which boasts a collection of 20 designs saw the light of day as fashionistas and fans alike were wowed at the launch that was one of its kind.
The collection came to life as a collabo between Wambui and popular TV News anchor Janet Mbugua. Janet who had been in the process  of looking for a killer outfit to wear to an event was referred to Wambui by a fashion stylist  and was promised that Wambui would be able to deliver whatever she was looking for (this was to prove true later).
Janet did get an outfit for the event from elsewhere but since she had met Wambui and liked what she saw at her store she came up with the idea of working on something together hence the birth of the Wambui Mukenyi Janet collection. Together they sat down and came up with designs that Janet would be able to wear on air and for other formal rounds and Wambui helped bring the combined idea efforts to life.
Wambui the designer dares touch what others are not willing to touch. She uses daring fabrics (such as leather and faux-leather that not many people use) and creates daring designs (you should see the detail on all of  her creations), she is not stuck in a moment and works her creative mind over time.
The designs can be worn by any fashionable lady, for any formal event and perhaps to church as they combine chic, comfort and class. You can get the outfits in whatever size as Wambui deals with most body shapes and sizes and you don’t have to worry about somebody else rocking the same dress as there’s a variety of color options to choose from to suit your taste. It’s also guaranteed that the fabric used is also of top quality hence measuring up to your money’s worth.







Photos by Muthoni Njuki





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