For the boho-chic lover in you

When I hear Bohemian I think carefree, happy, spirit… and when we draw from the bohemian and hippie influences we get the Boho-chic style. “Boho” is all about being natural and feeling free while at it. I’m talking flowy skirts, tops and dresses, accessories galore and earthy colors like orange, green, brown etc. It is about looking fabulous and effortless at the same time.

Remember the “Kenya Uniform skirt” which was a hit in the 90’s? That was bohemian-influenced look right there. This is a style that has refused to fade as it re-surfaces every so often with adjustments here and there.

Styling the boho-chic
*When it comes to shoes, clogs, sandals or simple loose-fitting boots will give you that perfect boho-chic look.

* It is best to keep in mind that mixing and adding volume to achieve this look is key. Wear garments that are “drapey” but not so much that you end up looking like a homeless person and also not too tight as you’ll be missing the whole boho point. It is important to create a balance because with this look we are all about comfort and freedom…so mix them up…tight with loose, long with short, prints with less or more prints etc.

Boho is synonymous with accessorising…layering bracelets, chunky necklaces, dangling earrings, statement rings, belts, headbands (detailed with feathers, beads and the like)… You are allowed to go full throttle on these. Making sure you ace the look is the key.

When it comes to handbags boho girls prefer bucket shaped handbags which are roomy and Hobo bags and also handbags that have accessory kind of detailing like tassels, beads, sequins etc

Colors like brown, black, grey, cream and khaki make up your boho-chic look. Colors that are too bright are not welcome if you are doing the boho-chic and if you have to , they have to be kept minimal.

Go on and be the boho-chic icon 🙂

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