ARTIST of the WEEK: Habida

Super beautiful Habida is a mother of one and working on her debut album after taking a break to attend to duties that come with motherhood. She burst into the scene with a little Sunshine, a collabo with household talent Nameless. She is genuine, a go getter and likes to have a good laugh. Here’s a little bit about her…
1. In a nutshell who is Habida…? Habida is a mother, a wife and an artist. Habida is a spontaneous person, a lover, charitable, Kenyan, and very pro women!

2. I grew up listening to… Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Freddy Jackson, Anita Baker and Chaka Khan.

3. I have had a passion for music since… I was born I think LOL! I remember always being in front of the turn table dancing in my mothers’ clothes and jewelry.

4. I get my inspiration from… The people that brought me up. Even from celebrities like Anita Baker. She is the musician that made me do what I do today, and her story keeps me going when I feel like I want to give up.

5. Apart from singing I can also… Act. I am an actress by profession. I work on my brand behind the scenes, and do a lot of charity. I spend a lot of time with my daughter and I am working on a few things to be released soon.

6. I can never leave the house without my… Blackberry, lip-gloss and bottle of water

7. My number one role model is… Kimora Lee

8. I am currently working on… my Album release a lot more, but I’ll tell you that later 

9. My best time ever growing up was when… my parents, my sister and I would drive to Mombasa and we would stay at our shamba house in Diani. We would sit under the stars and talk about anything and everything.

10. Thai food, Jazz, my family, my shoes and handbags… these are a few of my favourite things

11. My advice for upcoming artists is… Don’t do this if you don’t really love it, as the fame is not enough to keep you going. Know who you are and be real with yourself, don’t be superficial and think the limelight is enough!

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