Joe Thomas is good, bad and… sexy

(Wangui Gitei) – Joe Thomas is back! With album number nine, believe it or not. And that’s not even counting the Christmas and compilation albums.

The aptly named The Good, The Bad, The Sexy takes us back to the Joe we first met when he released his first big tune, “All The Things You’re Man Won’t Do” from 1997’s smash hit album, All That I Am.

Like most RnB singers of his generation, Joe started off singing in the church, with strong gospel and soul influences.

You can certainly hear the soul in all his records, and even in his latest album, that feel-good making-love factor that was omnipresent in all songs back in the 90s is still very much there.

Starting with The Good in The Good, The Bad and The Sexy, we have Joe crooning about taking care of his woman in “Slow Kisses” and about the growth of a relationship from being just friends to something more in “Almost There”.

“Time of Your Life” talks about the singer spoiling the lady in his life, and is just the kind of summery track you want to bump in your car. When we get to The Bad, Joe sings about heartbreak in “Dear Joe” (already quite a stand out track in the album) and about lost love in “Losing”.

Then of course we have The Sexy, where Mr Thomas is in his element. From the very raunchy “Pull My Hair” to the seductive “Lose Control” and blatantly sexy “Tonight”, we’re reminded why Joe’s specialty has always been songs that drip with honey.

In fact, Joe remains one of the few artists who have had hits in every consecutive decade of his career (the 90s, 2000s and 2010s.)

The Good, The Bad and The Sexy was released in October last year, debuting at no. 8 on The Billboard 200 and no. 2 on the Hot R N’ B/Hip Hop Albums Chart.

If you’re planning on having an intimate evening at home with a special someone, this album is just the soundtrack you need. If you’re unwinding at home after a long day; it’s perfect here too. If you’re having an evening drive, bump it.

I believe, if you are a true RnB fanatic, that this album will take you back to the naughty nineties and you’ll have to listen to it everywhere you go! Definitely worth the listen…

By: Wangui Gitei

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