Graffiti that inspires: Vulture swoops again

Recently, one brave graffiti artists took the country by storm and put up a painting/ mural showing that Members of Parliament were sitting on Kenyans.

The painting came and drew mixed reactions from the public as some Kenyans said it bore the truth to what politicians are doing to the public. The paintings/ murals usually appear over night.

The “Vulture” whom has now drawn 3 different pieces around the city including one that was removed by the Nairobi City Council yesterday afternoon at the Public Toilets outside Teleposta which asked the public to “Describe their MP’s” with comments written by the “Vulture” such as “Glutton, Pigs, Buffoons” etc

“Vulture” also leaves his own comment and is trying to make the public more aware of how to vote.

“Kura yako in haki yako”

Now, we have to wonder with the first General Elections just over a year away, what would you do? Vote for the same MP again or will you actually think wisely about your voting habit and why you would be voting for that particular person.

How will you vote and have you been inspired by the “Vulture”?

If you’re walking around the city, please take a walk towards I&M Building on Kenyatta Avenue and while you cross the road, take a look down. The next mural spotting is right outside ICEA building

Hurry before they get taken down and take a look and be inspired!!


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