Sony unveils touchless display phone

Japanese electronics maker Sony has revealed a smartphone that allows users to browse the web by hovering a finger above links. Sony calls the technology “floating touch” user-interface.

Floating touch is part of the ongoing mobile industry attempt to include gesture control possibilities on phones. Apple, Microsoft and US are currently developing camera-based touchless technology.

But it is Sony’s Xperia Sola handset that is likely to go commercial with the touchless technology with handsets set to go on sale in the second half of 2012.

Sony hasn’t revealed the mechanics behind the technology but experts reckon the sola is probably fitted with sensors beneath the display, which detect the static electricity that floats around our body.

Apart from the floating touch interface, the Sony Xperia other features are ordinary for a smartphone; 8GB storage, 5MP rear-camera with auto-focus, 5 hour talk time and powered by Android 2.3.

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