Chocolate milk may be the new sports drink

In a recent Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Journal, researchers found that runners who drank fat-free chocolate milk following a difficult run went 23% longer compared to those who drank carbohydrate-only sports drinks.

The chocolatey beverage has many critics, including some public school boards in the US, banning the drink. Nutrition and fitness experts are divided, but most agree that the protein content helps muscles recover after exercise, no different than what a healthy snack would do.

Chocolate drink giant Nesquik has recruited high-performance athletes NBA star Carmelo Anthony and US Olympian Dara Torres to testify the drink’s greatness and how it nourishes their bodies after gulping it down after exercise.

Sounds promising, but with the sugar content, most parents will still be sceptical of buying chocolate milk in bulk for their children.

What do you think? Will chocolate milk be you new sports drink?

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