7 things all women want in a gentleman

“…I’d like to know what makes you cry, so I can always be the one that makes you smile” is a famous line from Joe Thomas’ popular song “I wanna know” which is all about treating a woman how she deserves to be treated.

A gentleman you will all agree with me, is that man who is well cultured, educated, sensitive and well –mannered. In a relationship, the same applies… a gentleman is exactly what the name suggests…a gentle man. A man who takes care of his woman and treats her with utmost respect because he knows so well that it is because of a woman that he is in existence in the first place.

Every woman wants to bag herself one of these rare species. A gentle one. So what does every woman want from her own gentleman? Below is what you will find in every woman’s “my ideal man” list. Maybe worded differently but the same altogether:

1. Respectful – A respectful man understands a woman’s worth hence he will always give her what she needs and deserves and will always appreciate her. He will always be sensitive to her feelings.

2. Loyal – Just the way a man will be faithful to his football team; women crave a man who will be loyal to them. A man whose eyes don’t wander from woman to woman hence is loyal to his female specie. Defends her, loves her, brags about her, treats her right…

3. Attentive – Attentiveness will always improve communication and eventually the bond of two people. Women are attention seekers, if you make a woman feel like she doesn’t have to fight for your attention because you constantly give it to her then you’ve found yourself a long lasting healthy relationship. It also helps to be a good listener.

4. Responsible – knowing what your role is in a relationship helps reduce stress for your significant other. A man who plays his role well will encourage his woman to play her part just as well. A woman doesn’t have to feel like she’s responsible for two people just because her man is not playing his part.

5. Fighter – Like I said women love attention and even more from their man. Therefore there’s nothing else that will show your love for your woman better than fighting for her and her love. Fighting for her love assures her that you love her.Being the bigger person after a bad argument and not letting things go to the dumps because of a fight…women love this!

6. Ambitious – There’s nothing as sexy as an ambitious man. A man with ambition in a relationship just goes to show how much he is willing to take care of you and other things and keep them in check to make life easier for both of you. The ambition rubs on and you make her want to be a better person.

7. Trustworthy– A man you can trust is a man you want to keep in your life forever. I mean, a woman doesn’t have to worry about so many things like diseases or wondering if he is part of a gang or if he is a wanted man. Women already have so many things on their minds to worry about.

Women love to be treated like those priceless pieces of China. A little bit of wining and dining. A little bit of an exotic trip to wherever. A good surprise every now and then… You might ask what you’ll get in return. Well, just remember that good deeds attract reciprocation.

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