Contraband, Beauty and the Beast 3D this month

Contraband, which opens next week, stars Mark Wahlberg who plays Chris Farraday, a legendary smuggler forced to make one final run to Panama and back, grips the audience in suspense and action.

Of course things don’t go to plan, and Chris finds himself in a convoluted plot. The beautiful Kate Beckinsale plays Wahlberg’s wife in the film.

Sounds like a great action-flick, but the character Chirs Farraday seems all too familiar as one of Wahlberg`s go-to roles. Typical.

Walt Disney Animation Studios returns to the big screens with Beauty and the Beast 3D, introducing new stunning 3D imagery to a Disney classic that has already been seen my millions.

Just a quick reminder, the beautiful Belle is a bright and charming woman who is taken prisoner by an ugly beast. Held captive in his castle, Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and ultimately learns to see the heart and soul of a prince underneath his ugly exterior.

This one will be sure to cash in as children and even adults will want to relive the Disney classic as if it was screened for the first time in 1991. With the improved graphics and 3D imagery, the visual experience should definitely be more stunning and worthwhile.

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