Going chic with Safari inspired wear

When you hear Safari wear, I bet you think baggy jungle green shorts with a myriad pockets, a khaki vest jacket with equally as many pockets, a tired hat, sunglasses and just a plain old shirt. That’s what we’re used to seeing right? Well, that needn’t be the case as Safari wear can be made chic and below is how you do it.

Safari is synonymous with Africa, you know, the wild and the wild animals and a lot of camouflage has to go into picking your colors so as to remain with the theme. You always need to camouflage yourself hence the colors to wear in order to nail that Safari wear are : animal print, beige, cream, jungle green, khaki, tan, gold and brown and for stylish purposes only you can include white and a bit of black.

When doing the Safari look, think of it all as adding a global touch to your ensemble. There’s the clothes bit and the color bit and then there’s the accessories bit hence adding the global touch. So…
*Do accessorize appropriately
*Your footwear should be proper and appropriate. Whether boots or sandals, let it blend with the look
*Do make use of a cute scarf and a belt to give your ensemble a completely different outlook
*You can also make it work as official wear

Whether it’s a jumpsuit, a romper, a shirt dress, a jacket, shorts…that is African inspired, just go completely in and do your thing the way it suits best.Just keep the color scheme in mind and don’t overdo it.

So with that, how dare you not try the Safari wear? The weather for the look is perfect right now and the possibilities of looking chic are endless…

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