What does Facebook Timeline mean for businesses?

Facebook introduced the new look timeline for brands last week, a few months after they introduced the timeline for personal profiles. Users have until 30th March to test timeline for pages in preview mode before switching completely. With the timeline layout, companies and brands can now tell their stories in a colorful and pictorial way. Here are more changes that have come with the Timeline;

More imagery

Just like timeline for profiles, brands and companies can now display bigger images on their profile. Facebook has adjusted the size of the Timeline cover photo from 540 x 180 pixels to 850 x 315 pixels in dimension. The effect is a mural-size home page look. However, the banners should not have any ‘call to action’ such as “Get it now” or “like”, neither should it have links or web addresses.

More social with Timeline

You can quickly see friends that like the brand or page, as well as your friends’ public mentions of related topics. The Timeline feature allows your fans trace your journey. You can chose to highlight major milestones on your timeline like product launch or a major award.

Power to the Admin

An admin panel has been added that allows administrators to manage the page without navigating to a separate page through a hide/view command. Page administrators can also select pieces of content and highlight them for several days, or even ‘pin’ special notices or messages on their homepage.

No more custom landing pages

You know the way you could assign a specific page to be the first page visitors see when they come to your facebook page? Well, you can’t do that anymore. While you can still create custom pages, the timeline remains the default landing page.

Prominent custom app tabs

The timeline layout displays customize tabs in a prominent and visible position using images unlike previous use of links to the tabs. But you will be limited to feature only three custom tabs.

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